The cascading and tumbling reels video slot machine history

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โœ… What is the cascading reels feature?
The cascading reels feature, also dubbed rolling, tumbling, swooping or falling reels, is a feature that is becoming more and more common in slot games. When you get a win of three symbols or more, these matching symbols will be removed from the reels and replaced by additional ones falling from above. The key here is that you don't have to spin the reels again to get more payouts.
โœ… What was the first cascading reel slot game?
The first cascading reel slot game was actually NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest, released in 2010. Back then the feature was called the Avalanche feature (and it still is called that today in NetEnt games). Players of this slot got to enjoy the blocks swooping down from above to replace those that had already created matching combinations on the reels. Alongside this, the slot offers free spins and multipliers.
โœ… Why play tumbling/cascading reels slot machines online?
Playing cascading or collapsing features in slot games is a great way to actually get ahead. By being able to get essentially extra turns without having to place any more money, you're saving your bankroll and extending its playing life. You can also score some pretty big wins thanks to those multipliers that usually come hand in hand with the cascading feature, meaning one small bet can offer huge payouts.