Slingo: the amazing combination of bingo and slot machines

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While most casino fans mainly play slots that function according to the classic game principle, some other users are more interested in innovative or unusual games. For those who like variety, so-called Slingo games are an option. In this guide, we explain exactly what they are and why you can't just play Slingo online.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a combination of a slot and bingo. This can already be seen in the name of the game, as the term represents a box word (Slingo = Slot + Bingo). The basic aim of Slingo is to complete lines on the playing field, which resembles a bingo card.

The game was developed in 1994 by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia. To market their innovative game, the two founded the company Slingo, which was acquired by Realnetwork in 2013. As a result, the brand - now called Slingo Originals - now belongs to Gaming Realms PLC, a London-based gaming company.

The innovative games enjoy great popularity around the globe. More than 50 million people worldwide have already played Slingo.

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How to play Slingo: the game principle explained

If you want to play Slingo online, you obviously need to know how the game works. Although there are different versions, the games always work according to the same principle. The playing field consists of a 5×5 grid of cards with numbers and a reel with 5 reels that show you numbers after each spin. If you hit a number, the corresponding field in the grid is filled.

You receive a Slingo when you have filled an entire row - horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Logically, the more rows you complete, the higher your winnings.

In some games, you even activate a bonus round when you reach a certain number of lines. The bonus round allows you to collect cash or a multiplier. In this way, you can multiply the payout amount, sometimes considerably.

The number of spins available to you per buy-in varies from game to game. In most cases, you can spin the reels 10 times. If you still want to play, you can buy additional spins.

But beware: the more spins you buy, the more expensive they become. So you have to weigh up whether the feature is worth it in each individual case.

The different Slingo symbols

In addition to the numbers, there are 4 special symbols in Slingo games that appear randomly on the reel. The following overview shows how the individual symbols influence the game:

  • Joker: You can turn a number in the corresponding column into a filled square.
  • Super Joker: You may turn a number on the playing field into a hit.
  • Devil: The corresponding column is blocked on the respective turn.
  • Free spins symbol: You get an extra spin.

Play with real money

Would you like to play Slingo for real money? In order to do so, you basically need a user account in a Slingo online casino. However, as a German player, you currently only have limited opportunities to play Slingo. To do this, you have to register at a casino without a German licence, as Slingo is currently not available to players with a German residence in casinos that would like to obtain a German licence.

However, if you are able to access the online casino games, you can use the following methods to play the games:

First of all, you need to create a user account. Simply follow the instructions in the registration form. After you have a player account, make a deposit. Go to the cashier area, select your preferred online casino payment method and verify the payment.

Keep in mind, however, that many providers require the KYC process (identity check) before you can deposit real money in the online casino. This is due to the new State Treaty on Gambling, which will come into force in mid-2021. You can find more information about this in our guide to online casinos in Germany.

You can usually access the credit balance immediately after making a deposit. If the casino has not yet verified your identity, this procedure is now due. If, on the other hand, you have already been verified, you can start gambling online immediately.

Play for free via demo mode

The games of the provider Slingo Originals also have a demo mode. This means you don't have to play for money. You can also play for virtual euros.

Logically, you do not have the option of cashing out your winnings. On the other hand, the risk of loss is 0%.

The play money mode is not only suitable for users who want to gamble without real money. The mode is also suitable for newcomers. By wagering only play money at first, you can get to know the game and its features without risk.

Available for mobile users

As a modern provider, Slingo Originals has optimised its games for mobile use. This means you can also play online with smartphones and tablets. With some gambling providers, this works via online casino app. However, most online casinos provide their customers with a web app that you can access via your browser.

The most popular Slingo games

The Slingo Originals portfolio currently includes 25 Slingo Games. The range includes games in classic design as well as themed productions. For example, there are Slingo versions of Deal or No Deal, Monopoly and Britains Got Talent.

However, you won't usually find all of the provider's games in a Slingo casino. This is simply because some games from the casino games list are more popular than others. We will show you which of the studio's productions are considered the best games in the following paragraphs:

Useful tips and tricks

There is no strategy that will guarantee you a win. After all, Slingo is an online game of chance. Nevertheless, casino fans who play Slingo online can influence their probability of success to a certain extent.

A first possibility to increase your profits is the wild symbol. If one appears, you should always fill in the field that brings you closest to a Slingo. For example, if you have the choice between a row with 2 and a row with 3 hits, place the cross in the row with 3 bingo hits. The same also applies to the Super Wild symbol, for which you have a completely free choice.

The second Slingo trick relates to the additional rounds. To maximise your successes, you should only use the feature if you are only missing one number in a row or column and you have already made a few slingos. As a result, the effort is usually only worthwhile if you can use the extra round to increase your winnings or unlock a bonus feature.

The best Slingo casinos sites

To be able to play Slingo online, you need a provider where the provider's games can be found at all. The lack of Slingo casinos does not mean that you have to do without fun. There are plenty of casinos with a great selection of slots that will make you forget all about Slingo. Here are our top recommendations:


Conclusion: Slingo is generally a successful alternative to standard slots

With its innovative game concept, Slingo is not only suitable for bingo fans, but also for players who are not exclusively interested in standard slots. The casino payout rate is similarly high to that of conventional online slots and Slingo games also offer high winnings. Which Slingo variant is the most fun is, of course, a matter of taste. However, you can only play Slingo with real money in a few casinos at the moment, as many casinos restrict their offer for Germans to pure slots.