Withdrawal lock feature

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withdrawal lock feature

Withdrawal locks are features that online casinos let you use for responsible gambling. Their purpose is to ensure that you withdraw your winnings instead of using them to continue gambling.

If a casino has a lock withdrawal feature, it’s a sign that they’re serious about responsible gambling.

Feature name Withdrawal lock
Best casinos Casumo, Rizk
Good for Responsible gambling
First introduced 2016 (Rizk)

withdrawal lock feature casinoHere at FeedBACK Casino, we want to help players to use all the resources available to develop responsible gambling strategies. This is because responsible gambling is the best way to make sure you can have fun without developing dangerous habits. We even have an entire section of our site dedicated to it, where you can find more information on the topic.

Unfortunately, most casinos don’t offer a feature to lock withdrawals. That’s why we came up with a list of our top 3 casinos with the best withdrawal lock features for players.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what it means to “lock withdrawals” at online casinos.

What does “lock withdrawal” mean?

To lock a withdrawal means that once the request to cash out is submitted, it cannot be cancelled or altered by anyone. The player won’t be able to modify the request, and the casino will be forced to transfer the funds, even if the player requests a cancellation.

Locking a withdrawal is the best way to guarantee that you keep your winnings.

Most casinos usually take at least 24 hours to process a payment. Some of them can take even longer. While the withdrawal request is being processed, players can change their minds and cancel the request. This usually happens when players want to use their winnings to continue playing, with the hope that they’ll get even bigger wins.

Locking withdrawals prevents you from playing with your winnings before the casino transfers the funds.

Withdrawing your winnings

The best policy is to cash out your winnings quickly, especially after a big win. This prevents you falling into the mistaken notion that you are on a winning streak, or that using your winnings to try to win more is a form of investment.

Easy and fast withdrawal processes are a hallmark of reliable casinos.

When casinos provide a withdrawal lock feature, you can be sure that they’re not trying to purposely delay transferring your funds in the hope that you’ll change your mind about withdrawing your money.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the withdrawal method that you use will affect the time it takes to receive the transferred funds. As a general rule, the casino will use the same method that you used to make your deposit.

Before registering at any casino, read our reviews and use our comparator tool to see the available payment methods and withdrawal processing times.

We also have an entire section of our site dedicated to in-depth articles on payment methods.

Best online casino lock withdrawal features in 2024

We have come up with a list of the best withdrawal lock features of online casinos currently available. Our primary criteria was user-friendliness, since it’s the main factor affecting your ability to place a lock on your withdrawals.

These casinos are all FeedBACK-certified. That means that I have personally tested their account management systems, their support services and their withdrawal policies.

Rizk was the first casino to implement withdrawal locks back in 2016.

Most importantly, all these casinos have licenses from important regulators, beginning with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This ensures that their games are fair and their business practices are safe and transparent.

Furthermore, we’ve worked to build relationships with these online casinos in order to secure welcome bonus offers for the FeedBACK Casino community. Clicking on the links on this page will automatically apply a bonus code when you register at the casino.

Remember that you can read in-depth reviews and use our Comparator to see which of these casinos is the best for you!

Withdrawal locks: how-to guide

There are two main ways to lock withdrawals: while creating the request or after submitting it. The method depends on each casino. I personally prefer being able to place the lock on the withdrawal while making the request, but some people don’t mind the extra step.

Lock withdrawal during request submission: SlotsMillion & Rizk

SlotsMillion and Rizk let you lock your withdrawal funds while requesting the transfer. This means you won’t be able to modify them after submitting the request.

  • SlotsMillion: when making a withdrawal at the Banking page, click the lock button before submitting the request.
  • Rizk: request a withdrawal through the transactions page and click the lock icon after entering the amount you want to withdraw.

Lock withdrawal after submitting request: Casumo

Casumo requires you to place a lock after making the withdrawal request. Simply go to your account transactions to view the pending withdrawals and click the lock button for the corresponding withdrawal.

Why should I use withdrawal locks?

It’s a good idea to place locks on all your withdrawals. But it’s even more important to do it after you win, and especially after you win big.

You don’t need to have a gambling problem to benefit from locked withdrawals.

After winning big, most players will want to cash out their winnings in order to get them as soon as possible. But most of us will also have second thoughts about cashing out, as a common mistake is to think that having a bigger bankroll will bring us chances for even bigger wins. This is when many players cancel their withdrawal requests, hoping to capitalise on their big win by wagering with it.

Placing a withdrawal lock will guarantee that you keep your money and give you more time to think about whether or not to continue gambling with it.

Tips for responsible play

As I said before, it’s a good idea to read up on responsible gaming practices before you begin to play for real money at online casinos.

Withdrawal locks are a good place to start, but there are many more features at your disposal to make sure that you can enjoy your favourite games —whether they be slots, poker, blackjack, roulette or live casino games— without developing risky habits.

All the casinos we recommend have account management systems that are easy to use and effectively help you establish limits before you begin to play. I always go to my account settings immediately after registering, in order to set up the best combination of limits for myself. And I recommend you do the same.

The following table lists the different kinds of limits you can set on your account. I recommend using them all for maximum protection. All of these limits let you choose the time period to which they apply.

Time block

Limits access to your account during a predefined block of time (e.g., 10AM-5PM)

Time alert

Notifies you when you’ve been playing for a predefined amount of time


Max. amount you can spend at the casino

Deposit limit

Max. deposit amount

Wager limit

Max. amount you can wager

Loss limit

Max. net losses

What is a withdrawal lock feature at an online casino?

A withdrawal lock is a casino security measure that temporarily prevents players from withdrawing their funds, usually to verify the player’s identity or prevent fraudulent activity.

When might an online casino implement a withdrawal lock?

Casinos may lock withdrawals if they suspect unusual account activity, if the player has not completed identity verification, or if the player has recently changed their payment details.

How long can a withdrawal lock last at an online casino?

Withdrawal locks are typically temporary, lasting anywhere from 24 hours to several business days, depending on the casino’s policies and the time needed to complete the verification process.

Can a player request to have a withdrawal lock removed?

Yes, players can usually request the casino to remove a withdrawal lock by providing the necessary documentation or information to complete the verification process.

What are the benefits of a withdrawal lock feature for players?

While inconvenient, withdrawal locks help protect players’ accounts and funds from unauthorized access or fraudulent activity, ensuring the overall security of the casino platform.

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