Why does an online casino ask me to provide documents?

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Discover why an online casino requires me to provide certain documents.

Online casinos have licenses from various regulatory bodies that dictate how they must behave in relation to different areas. For example, there are laws to prevent money laundering, protect minors, protect gambling addicts and also general player protection. The regulators also require the casinos to confirm the identity of their players.

Enter correct information when registering

When you register a player account in a casino, it is very important that you provide accurate information about your identity. It is very likely that the casino will ask you for documents to confirm your identity. If you make a deposit and want to withdraw your winnings, the casino may refuse to pay you, should you refuse to send them the requested documents.

Do not attempt to create more than one account or all your winnings will be retained by the casino.

Which documents do the casinos ask for?

The documents you need to send to the casinos usually include a copy/scan of your ID or passport and proof of residence, such as a current electricity or water bill. If you have deposited with a credit card, you must also provide the casino with a copy of the credit card used. You do not have to make all the information visible on the card. You just need the last four digits of the number and the name on the card, and the expiry date. Proof of credit card is mainly there to prevent credit card fraud. Your documents will be securely held at the casino and not made available to third parties.

Prevention of money laundering, fraud and the protection of minors

The verification of a player’s identity is an important tool to avoid money laundering and fraud. Online casinos must comply with the regulator’s rules by verifying the identity of each player. The protection of minors is also at the forefront of the reviews. Keep in mind that the minimum age for gambling is 18 years in most countries. Also, with respect to gambling addict exclusion lists, the verification of the player’s identity is paramount, because this is the only way to ensure that excluded players cannot easily play with new player accounts.

As you can see, the verification of your identity is a necessary evil. While, at first glance, it may seem a bit tedious to send all these documents, you need to be aware that it increases your own player protection and also safeguards you from fraud. This ensures that you have an overall positive experience while playing at the casino and remaining in safe hands.

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