What is slot RTP?

Online slot machine: Return To Player

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✅ What does RTP mean in online slots?
RTP stands for “return to player”, which is expressed as a percentage. Theoretically, a slot with 95% RTP pays £95 for every £100 wagered. FeedBACK Casino has detailed information and a list of the online slots with the highest RTPs.
✅ How is slot RTP calculated?
Developers calculate RTP by running millions, even billions of spins. RTP also varies between the base game and spins with bonus features or minigames. Check out FeedBACK Casino for more details and see how RTP affects your wins.
✅ How can slot RTP impact winnings?
It all depends on how it combines with slot volatility. High RTP means that the slot pays out more to players. Higher variance slots pay out less frequently, so high variance and high RTP mean less frequent wins with much higher prizes. Check out FeedBACK Casino for more details and see a list of the slots with the highest RTP rates available.
✅ Which are the best high RTP slots?
We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 slots with the highest RTP available at online casinos. Check out our page to see detailed reviews and claim exclusive casino bonuses to play for real money!