What are swooping reels slots games?

feedback FAQ about Quickspin's swooping reels slots

โœ… What is the swooping reels slots feature?
The swooping reels slots feature is triggered in some slot games when you line up a win. It is a feature whereby the symbols that are part of the winning combination explode, or vanish automatically, and are replaced by a new set of symbols. This swooping feature makes the game more interesting to play as it enhances the visuals and also gives players a chance to increase their winning opportunities. Whether you are playing on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet PC, the tumbling reels feature is the same.
โœ… What is the difference between swooping reels slots and cascading reels slots?
There is no difference between swooping reels slot games and cascading slots. Both features are the same; they simply have different names. However, depending on the particular slot game, the feature may involve the winning symbols either exploding or just vanishing. Some online slots with these features may have a free-fall mode, where new symbols fall in from the reels above to replace them. For other slots, this can be in a zig-zag form. Nevertheless, the way swooping reels and cascading reels feature work is the same.
โœ… Are there similar features to swooping reels slots?
Swooping reels are found only in Quickspin games, as it is a brand name owned by the developer. However, other similar features come with different names. Each game developer has their specific name for the feature, such as rolling reels, collapsing reels, tumbling reels and avalanche reels. You need to know, however, that some providers may require you to install a Flashplayer application on your device before you are allowed to play cascading reels slot games. You can read reviews about these different slots on our website.