What are rolling reels slots games?

feedback FAQ about Microgaming's rolling reels slots

โœ… What is the rolling reels slots feature?
Rolling reels is a slot feature that can be found in a number of slots. It is triggered by a win. The symbols on the winning pay line disappear, which triggers the symbols above to roll or cascade down. This is where the feature gets its name from. The empty space is then filled by new symbols. If this triggers a new win, the process will keep repeating itself until there are no more wins. No extra bets are required aside from the original bet placed on the first win.
โœ… What is the difference between rolling reels slots and cascading reels slots?
In reality, there is no difference. The difference in the name is due to the fact that different slot suppliers choose different names. This helps avoid any confusion and possible litigation. In fact, cascading reels was initially a NetEnt technology, whereas rolling reels is Microgaming. In either case, as the name suggests, reels experience a downward movement - which is triggered by hitting a payline. Of course, different suppliers will implement different sounds and visuals. This helps keep this feature exciting regardless of which developer it comes from.
โœ… Is there same feature like rolling reels slots?
A number of providers have slots with the rolling reels feature; however, this feature is often called by different names, depending on who the provider is. Rolling reels is known by many different names other than rolling reels, including collapsing reels, swooping reels, tumbling reels, avalanche reels, and more. In any case, they follow the same mechanics as rolling reels. While it is always best to check the game's information section, any name that represents some sort of downward movement is most likely to work just like the rolling reels feature does.