History of FeedBACK Casino

"I play for real money, so I consult Feedback Casino", René Descartes , Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One's Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences

Feedback Casino went online in 2015, and is the product of the meeting of five gambling enthusiasts, who have worked in of some of the most respected online casinos in the world.

Together they began to dream of a truly independent guide for players that offers transparent and relevant information and impartial advice for safe casino games to establish a relationship of trust with users. It started with the regrettable conclusion that this website does not yet exist, and they decided to get together and start the challenge of creating a casino guide that would address both online casinos and land-based establishments.

After many months of work, many litres of coffee and a few sleepless nights, Feedback Casino finally made its debut on the Internet. It offers readers a strict editorial policy based on three key concepts:

Who we are ?
FeedBACK team

I'm basically a player. I mostly play Roulette and Blackjack, but also like to play the slots. My knowledge of the world of casino games allowed me to work in the customer service departments of prestigious online casinos, and there I learnt a little bit of everything: programming, graphic design, marketing... You could say I am a jack of all trades. And this is exactly the position I have at Feedback Casino, since I am the editor, tester, marketing guy, programmer... You name it. I also worked a lot on the design of the site, and I hope you like it!


My parents have always been casino players, which meant that I basically grew up with gaming. They also knew the owner of the establishment that was located near us, and where they used to play. When the casino was looking for a new dealer I took my chances. They taught me everything there is to know about the trade, and with the development of online gaming I wanted to try this new experience. Then I built a team that took care of live games. After this I turned to customer support in a famous online casino. I do not have preferences for games, I like to play every game for a little while. My role at Feedback Casino: I am a writer and tester of online casinos.


I have always been more specialised, especially with my career choices, and I am pretty sharp. For example, in the casinos I always played Roulette, which means I know all the strategies, and the different martingales are no secret to me. Similarly, in my line of work I believe that I am a security expert on the Internet. I also worked many years in the sector for many different online casinos. This expertise allows me to have a keen eye to verify the reliability of the various virtual casinos that are mentioned on our website. I manage the security at Feedback Casino, and I do a bit of coding, as well as testin the casinos for security.


I studied marketing in several business schools in the world. In my first career I worked for large international groups in various sectors. I made a lot of money, but I was bored, which led me to change my career completely. I was always in marketing, and this time it was a subject that I actually found attractive: the casinos. I always played Roulette games, even in my childhood, as well as poker, as I always had an interest in the subject. Then I went to Costa Rica to manage the marketing department of a well-known online casino. Today, I have a similar position at Feedback Casino.


Some people say I am a geek. And they are not wrong: I love science fiction, comics and computers. When I was young I learned different programming languages and I even programmed smaller games (including a rather deadly poker solitaire game!) on my big brother's computer. When it came to choosing a professional orientation, I opted for coding. After a few years of consulting companies I decided to combine work and passion, and started working for a poker site. At that time, I was very keen on Texas Hold'em, and I was feared in many poker rooms. When I found the Marvel slots from Cryptologic (I am a geek, I told you), I started preferring playing them in the online casinos. I take care of the programming at Feedback Casino.



"Our experience in the gaming sector offers unique and trustworthy expertise."

Each member of the Feedback Casino team is also a player. This has also prompted them to work in the gaming sector. While some have gone and worked in land-based casinos, all of us have worked in this sector for many years in one or more of the most popular casinos in the industry. Their experience is big enough to have a clear understanding of how the market works. This means we know what we are talking about, and we can offer our readers reliable and trustworthy information.


"Our opinions are written according to strict and objective criteria to offer you the highest transparency."

Unlike many other guides on the Internet, our selection of casinos has not been established based on pure financial interests. This means that we do not give a higher rank to the best online casino or establishment that will pay us the most. We have conducted tests, and according to the results of the test we decide our ranking. Our reviews have been written according to strict and objective criteria, and they are also being compared with the opinions of Internet users. In short, our editorial policy ensures full transparency for the reader.


"We conduct long testing sessions to ensure that you play safe."

We are testing each and every casino for a long time before we write the review. This allows us to offer an objective opinion on the selection of games and customer service. Naturally, our tests are performed under real game conditions, meaning we play with real money. This allows us to verify the actual payment and withdrawal time-frame and reliability of the operator. This means, that if you choose a casino validated by our team you can be certain to be in safe hands.

Meet our team

Feedback Casino relies on a competent team of six people who have all worked in the online casino industry. Their contributions give life to this website, and it seems only natural that you should know a little more about each of them, especially as you will meet them while browsing the Feedback Casino website