What is slot machine volatility?

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✅ What does volatility mean in online slots?
Volatility is the level of risk and potential reward of a slot machine. High volatility means winning combinations land less often, yielding higher wins. Low volatility has more frequent prizes of lower values. Read more at FeedBACK and play our slot demos to choose the best type for you.
✅ How is slot volatility calculated?
Developers track different statistics to calculate a slot’s volatility index (VI). One way to do this is to spin the reels millions, even billions of times, in order to establish the relationship between the frequency of wins, the amounts wagered and the total value of the prizes.
✅ How can slot volatility impact winnings?
Simply put, high volatility yields higher prizes and low volatility yields lower prizes. Higher volatility levels also carry increased risk. Check out FeedBACK Casino for more information and see what is the right volatility level for you.
✅ Which are the best high volatility slots?
The best high volatility slots are the ones that provide the most exciting gameplay. At FeedBACK, you’ll find a list of the top high volatility slots with free demos, and exclusive welcome bonus offers to play at online casinos.