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feedback FAQ about IGT's tumbling reels

✅ What is the tumbling reels slots feature?
The tumbling reels slot feature is an exciting in-game slot feature that gives you the chance to score extra payouts all on a single spin. In contrast to regular slot games, when you land a winning combination, the tumbling feature doesn't reset the reels and get you to spin again. Instead, the symbols that made the win will be removed from the reels with new symbols taking their place, all in the same turn. If these new symbols make another winning combination, you'll get paid for that as well.
✅ What is the difference between tumbling reels slots and cascading reels slots?
While tumbling reels and cascading reels may sound like different things, in fact, they are not. These two offer the same in-game feature, enabling you to get more winning chances. There are other names for this feature too. You may see it called swooping, avalanche, rolling, and even vanishing reels. The only difference between these names is in which slot provider is offering the game, so you will just need to know which provider offers which option. No matter what though, the feature will offer the same level of excitement.
✅ Is there same feature like tumbling reels slots?
As we discussed above, there are a number of features that are similar to tumbling reels. The other names for this feature are rolling reels, collapsing reels, swooping reels, and avalanche reels. All of them are the same across all slots with no difference between the various features other than the name depending of the games provider. These rolling reels features often come with multipliers that increase on every consecutive triggering of the feature, giving you the chance at some impressive wins.