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feedback FAQ about VR Casinos

What is the procedure to follow to start playing in a VR casino?
To get started, you first need to create a casino account as usual. And for that you need to be at least 18 years of age, depending where you’re playing from. After that you can go ahead and download the free VR software to a supported device like a Windows machine and start playing for free or real money, after making your first deposit.
What accessories do I need to play in a VR casino?
For the best experience, get yourself a proper VR headset like Oculus Go, Quest or Rift, or one of the alternatives from HTC, Samsung or Sony.
Can I use a Google Cardboard or similar to play in a VR casino?
Yes, but not with all VR games because even flagship phones are not made to handle heavy graphics and processing that virtual reality gaming needs.
Can I play in a VR casino without downloading?
At the moment, it’s not possible to run VR casino in web browsers only.
Can I try VR casino in demo mode?
Yes, you can play at a VR casino for practice.
Do VR casinos offer bonuses?
Yes, like regular online casinos, VR casinos also offer welcome bonuses and other promotions.
Do my responsible gambling limits apply in a VR casino?
Yes, once you’ve adjusted your casino limits, these will also apply in the VR casino.
Will I see other players at a VR casino?
Yes, you’ll also see other players in real time; and if the casino has a social add-on then you even get to speak to them and make new friends.
Can other players see me when I play in a VR casino?
Yes, just like in any other multi-player online game.
Will other players see my game screen?
No, they will only see you as a third person playing a game.
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  • Pros
    • Play completely new type of games
    • Socialise with other players in real time
    • Way more fun and immersive than regular casinos
    • Safe and secure, so you can play with peace of mind
    • Bragging rights for being an early adopter of this technology
    • Comfortable since you don’t have to leave your home to end up in a different place
  • Cons
    • Need expensive gadgets and powerful PCs to handle the graphics and processing
    • Can be more addictive due to the more immersive nature
    • Lack of regulation to tackle responsible gambling in VR
    • Less convenient than launching a game on your phone
    • Lack of proper VR games and their developers
    • Lack of VR casinos
Review summary: VR Casinos

VR gaming is one of the hottest trends in technology and VR casinos are a natural step towards a more immersive and engaging experience. Although we are still at the very beginning of this revolution, you’d be surprised to find how far some developers and operators have already gone to deliver a casino experience that was previously seen only in science fiction movies.

Whether you have the headset or just a PC, we recommend visiting one of our TOP VR casinos to see what it’s all about, because you never know if you like it until you actually try. See you in VR!