Lexicons of words used in the casino :

Do not stay in the blur, learn finally the definitions of the terms used at the casino!

In the online casino world there is a whole new vocabulary to learn. Indeed, there are many words and expressions to the somewhat barbaric as waggering , re- spins or gamble that may frighten particularly novices. Here are some definitions to better understand this language seeming somewhat exotic at first.

Basic strategy
The basic blackjack strategy is often presented in form of a table that gives you the play option with the best chance of winning, depending on your hand and the dealer's open card.
Promotional offer of an online casino.
Bonus game
Special feature of a slot machine that usually comes in the form of a mini game where you can win money.
Card counting
Very effective strategy for blackjack that tracks the distributed cards to determine whether or not the remaining cards provide an advantage over the house.
Demo mode
A free game mode that allows you to try the game without betting real money.
Developer of games in online casinos.
Fun mode
See Demo mode.
Free Spin
A free game round in a slot machine.
Special feature in a slot machine game where you can stake your winnings and try to double or sometimes quadruple them.
Gaming licence
Official document that allows the online casino operator to offer games on the internet.
General terms
See Terms and Conditions.
Maximum win that you can get in a slot machine or video poker game.
Online table games hosted by a live dealer where you can participate via a webcam.
One-armed bandit
Old name for a slot machine (usually the ones with 3 reels).
The company that runs the online casino.
Payout rate
Overall percentage of the bets that are paid back to the players.
Lines in a slot machine on which you have to line up a combination of symbols in order to win money.
Progressive Jackpot
A jackpot without a fixed value, it grows as the players play the game.
A Roulette betting strategy.
Random number Generator
A software that calculates the random numbers that are used in the games.
Return to Player
Real mode
Game mode that allows you to play with real money.
See random number generator.
A free spin in which one or more symbols are held in their place on the reels.
Spinning column on which one or more symbols are displayed.
A special symbol that does not need to appear on a payline in order for it to pay out. It pays regardless of its position on the Slot machine
Secure Socket Layer – Internet security protocol.
The customer support of an online casino.
Items on the reels of a slot machine.
Terms and Conditions
Section on the operation of the online casino and your and our commitments.
See Volatility
Video Poker
A game mix of a slot machine with poker. In this game you can try to get the best hand in usually two attempts where you can select the cards you want to keep.
Video slot
A slot machine that is digital and not analogue, It has a video screen instead of a mechanical set of reels.
VIP Support
Employee of the customer support that is only available for VIP players.
A term describing the risk and payout frequency of the slot machine (usually low, medium or high).
Betting conditions imposed on bonus money and accumulated winnings.
A special symbol of a slot machine that can replace other symbols to form or complete winning combinations.