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Stefdayleisureltd posted a complaint about Videoslots

Problem about : Withdrawal problem
Posted on 03 November 2020
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Hi, I am having problems with Videoslots who I have played with for over 2 years and never had a problem withdrawing until now. Suddenly, they have requested documents and an explanation of my Souce of Wealth. I have explained to them that much of the money I spend with them is from other winnings (including from their website) so it is basically recycled winnings. I have provided them with the proof in a bank statement, showing them my recent winning with sums of £6000 and others like this. They can also see that I made some decent withdrawals on their own website and they are making me jump through hoops, which I have done up until a point. They are now asking me about cash that I have deposited to my personal joint account with my partner, which I have explained that this is cash takings from my business and that when I don't have my business card with me, I deposit it to this account and transfer it to my business account, which also shows up on the statement they have. Also - when I fund at their casino, my bank card does not work on their website, so I use a personal account which generally I don't use for anything else. On my joint account statement, they can see that I transfer in when I have won and out when I want to play at their casino, so there are many transfers. I explained this and they asked for a statement on the other account, which I have sent. I also explained that my business operates in both cash takings and credit card - as we are a health spa, so many more pay the entry fee by cash. Initially they have asked for proof of the large winnings, now they keep coming back with excuses and asking for things that are difficult to provide. For instance, my business uses to process cerdit card payments - and I have offered them the password and login details because their downloadable statements are in the format of an excel spread sheet - and I don't want them to think I have changed anything, so I would rather they log in and see the account, so that they can see nothing is wrong. Whilst my business hasn't quite been operating a year until the end of this month, I am unable to provide them with accounts certified by our accountant, but I have offered them access to our google spreadsheet, which shows our incomings and outgoings to date. I am now at a loss of what to do - as they are holding £5100 to ransom. They have never dont this to me before - and in fairness, until now, I could only say good things about the company. My identification was sent in a long time ago - anytime I have added a new bank card, I have sent them proof that it is mine upon request. Please could you help - as it feels like I am hitting a brisk wall. Many thanks in advance Steven Jones [email protected]