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The Solo debit card was introduced on July 1, 1997, and it is regarded as the little sister of the Maestro card. Over 5.5 million are currently in circulation worldwide. However, as this payment method is used by a lot of underage people, only a few online casinos offer it.

Online casinos accepting Solo payments

Here you can see a table with all the casinos that offer this payment solution to the members.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Solo card payment method

There are many reasons to use a Solo debit card for deposits, one of them is the high security through the security code. The available funds will also be checked before the transaction is processed, and if you do not have enough money in your account to make the payment it will be rejected. This means that it is impossible to go into overdraft.

However, it is unfortunately a very slow payment method and it takes an average of 1-2 days for the money to be transferred.

Getting a casino bonus with a Solo card

When you use an alternative payment method other than a bank card it is sometimes possible to get a special bonus, as the online casinos want to give you an incentive to use the method that incurs lower operating costs. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you use the Solo debit card.

Depositing money in an online casino with a Solo card

It is very easy to deposit funds into your player account with the Solo debit card. Simply choose this method when making the deposit, specify the amount you wish to transfer and type in the card number from the front and the other number from the back. It is very simple!

Withdrawing winnings from your player account with a Solo card

It is also possible to perform withdrawals with this card. However, most online casinos only allow deposits with this card, and not withdrawals.


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