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E-Pro offers secure payment gateways for e-commerce sites in the form of e-vouchers. It’s a service that’s part of the EMPcorp group, which claims to have more than ten years of experience in the industry. You don’t need an account to use it and it’s the next best alternative to making casino deposits with cards like Visa and MasterCard in jurisdictions where these services are not available.

Why E-Pro?

The method is mainly used in countries where debit or credit card transactions on gambling sites are blocked for whatever reason, allowing you to bypass the restriction using this alternative service provider.

So, while players in Scandinavia or Germany may be more comfortable using their bank card, one of the web wallets or pre-paid cards, then customers in other jurisdictions may want to consider E-Pro instead.

Also note that the parent company EMPcorp also provides other means of payment, like the prepaid option CASHlib, which has a few distinctions.

The Best Online Casinos That Offer the Payment Method E-Pro

There are few casinos that offer E-Pro as a payment method. Big platform developers like BetConstruct and established Dutch operators like the L&L group are among them. So, here are some of the best online casinos where you can use this banking method today:

infoWhy use E-Pro?
  • Quick transaction.
  • No registration or accounts needed.
  • Use online without a physical voucher (eg CASHlib).
  • No need to share banking information directly with the operator.
  • Allows you to use Visa or MasterCard to make deposits where the cards are otherwise rejected.

How to Use E-Pro?

Despite the fact that it’s easy to use and doesn’t need any accounts, there are a couple of instances that you may come across at an online casino.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a deposit using E-Pro.

Making Deposits With E-Pro (New and Existing Customers)

First, choose a casino that accepts the payment option, like the ones we listed above.

Next, create a casino account and go to the cashier. There, select E-Pro as a deposit method. You’ll be then redirected to the E-Pro page where you choose how much money you wish to purchase from a drop-down menu.

The reason we say purchase is because you will be dealing directly with E-Pro, who as an intermediary will make the payment to your casino account on your behalf. Note that when choosing an e-voucher, the cash amounts may be limited to just a few notes.

So, to actually buy the voucher, enter your credit or debit card information where the money will be credited from. This includes the card number, the expiry date, and the CCV that appears on the back of the card.

Then hit the complete purchase button which will confirm the transaction and release the funds more or less immediately.

If you already have an e-wallet with the EMPcorp, then upon entering the E-Pro cashier you may see your existing balance, which will be used for the deposit up to the full amount. If the voucher is worth less than the deposit you want to make, then you simply “top-up” the rest of the amount following the same steps as above.

Either way, if there are any costs involved in making the deposit then they should be readily listed in the cashier.

Can You Withdraw Using E-Pro?

E-Pro is an e-voucher, so it can only be used to make deposits. So, you’d need to look for a different cashout method, such as bank transfer.


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feedback FAQ about online casino E-Pro
What type of fees can I expect to pay using this payment method?
There are no set fees for E-Pro, so fees apply on a case-by-case basis. With L&L casinos and Unique Casino, for example, there are no charges for any deposits.
How long does the deposit take?
The deposit will take a matter of minutes to appear on your account. If the money takes unusually long to process, then don’t hesitate to contact the casino directly which may help to resolve the issue.
Can I withdraw using E-Pro?
E-Pro is only used to make deposits, so withdrawals are not possible with this method.
How much can I deposit?
The deposit amount will be limited to the e-voucher notes that you choose from a drop-down menu when making the purchase. Also be sure to check the casino’s terms and conditions.
What happens if my currency is not supported by the casino site?
You may still be able to play by making a deposit in your local currency, which will then be converted to the casino currency for a fee.
Is it safe to use E-Pro?
E-Pro’s parent company EMPcorp follows PCI security standards, which protect card holder data according to the rules set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council. However, this is not a widespread payment method and the official site fails to impress with their presentation. This begs a question how professional they are with the other products and services.
How anonymous is the payment method?
E-Pro is a payment gateway and an intermediary that does all the processing for the operator, so players won’t be sharing their sensitive payment information with the casino directly. In the case when an operator is only licensed and regulated by a weak jurisdiction like Curacao, this is a good precaution. That also means your card statement won’t have anything to do with gambling and instead will display as a purchase made from “Online Payment”. This is especially convenient if you want to keep your gaming habits to yourself.
Other related payment methods
  • Pros
    • Follows PCI security standards
    • No payment info shared directly with the casino
    • Shows in your card statement as "Online Payment"
    • Easy to use and no account or registration required
    • Use Visa and MasterCard with all E-Pro-friendly casinos.
  • Cons
    • Little to no information or user feedback
    • Available only at few online casinos
    • Cannot be used for withdrawals
    • Limited to credit and debit cards.
Review summary: E-Pro

It all boils down to the fact that this payment method is best for players who cannot use their credit or debit card at an online casino. Using E-Pro’s service they can still make a deposit using Visa or MasterCard, with little to no extra steps.