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Zimpler has designed an innovative product whose concept is revolutionising the way players sign up and deposit at online casinos. That's because the line between registration and deposit has virtually disappeared since it is now performed at the same time.

If you've not heard about the payments provider Zimpler before, they are a well-known Swedish fintech operating from their base in Stockwell and Gothenburg since 2012. Their target markets are the Scandinavian region as well as Germany. At last count they had over 112,000 users and they are growing. This latest product is designed for speed because the player's identity verification is conducted by the payments provider who then passes on the information to the online casino. While unfortunately Zimpler Go is only available to Swedish players, the hope is that availability will expand into other markets in the future. We've taken a closer look at the new product and have provided you with some more clarity in the sections below.

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As previously mentioned this product is only available, at participating online casinos, to Swedish players. But there's nothing to stop you from joining one of the top Zimpler casino sites to enjoy their service.

infoWhy use Zimpler Go?
  • this method of depositing and withdrawing is risk free
  • there is no need to register with Zimpler and they will not ask you for documents as part of their verification process
  • promises lightning fast deposit and withdrawal speeds

How do Zimpler Go deposits work?

Zimpler Go bridges the divide between registering at an online casino and making your first deposit. This is the first reason that makes it faster while the second is that there are no forms to fill out making things even faster. Upon verification, the payments provider will send all of the pertinent information to the online casino.

Deposit payments

The option of making a transfer to an online casino is yours as you can make a bank transfer, use a card or be billed. Once your identity is confirmed, your details will then be forwarded to the online casino along with your deposit. The whole process will take a few seconds and once completed you are ready to play.

Withdrawal payments

Likewise, making a withdrawal using Zimpler Go is just as easy and safe as making deposits. Remember that in order to withdraw your winnings, your deposit must have been completely turned over at least once. This is for money-laundering purposes. Once again there is no need to send any documents to the online casino meaning there are no delays, resulting in quicker processing.


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feedback FAQ about online casino Zimpler Go
Where can you find Zimpler GO?
Zimpler GO is only available in Sweden, but there is the hope that it will be made more widely available in other countries in the future.
What does it cost to use Zimpler GO?
The service is free to players as the fees to use Zimpler GO are borne by the online casino. While the casino may pass this fee on to the player, it is unlikely for competitive reasons.
How long does it take to make a deposit?
Once a player's identity has been verified, making a deposit to the online casino takes mere seconds.
What methods can you use to make a deposit?
With Zimpler GO, you can make a deposit to an online casino using a bank transfer, a bill or card payment.
Other related payment methods
  • Pros
    • The registration and deposit process is combined for faster processing times
    • Withdrawals have equally fast processing times
    • There are no fees to use the service
    • This payment method is secure as it uses encryption technology
  • Cons
    • Only players from Sweden are available at the moment
    • There are very few online casinos offering Zimpler GO
    • Transactions from casinos will appear on bank statements
Review summary: Zimpler Go

Zimpler GO is one of the best methods for Swedish players to register and deposit at online casinos. Since this is done at the same time, it means there is less waiting and you can start playing almost right away. You can deposit funds using a bank transfer, billing or card using secure encrypted technology. Withdrawals enjoy all the same benefits as deposits.