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iDEAL is an e-commerce online banking transfer payment system, based in the Netherlands. It was introduced in October of 2005 and allows Dutch players to transfer funds from their online bank account using their online desktop or mobile banking app.

At present the following banks are partnered with iDEAL to deliver the service: ABN Amro, ASN bank, bunq, ING, Knab, Moneyou, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot. This means that to use this payment method, you must reside in the Netherlands and hold an account with one of the banks listed. The payments provider is fast, reliable and free to use which may explain why they are so popular in the Netherlands.

Why iDEAL?

In 2017 there were 378.2 million payments made using iDEAL, which translates to over 30 million a month. With a 57% market share, this suggests that consumers have accepted this payment method as an attractive proposition. They grew by 33.8% in 2017 alone, conducting transactions with a monetary value at close to €33 billion. Dutch players have made payments in over 7,000 workshops spread over 64 in countries. They have also caught on with online casinos.

The Best Online Casinos Offering iDEAL Payment Service

We will be ranking the top online casinos using iDEAL so we invite you to visit our website and take a look for yourself.

infoWhy use iDEAL?
  • iDEAL is safe and confidential, using secure standards, regulations and consistent rules, as the payment is executed from within your banking environment.
  • Available 24/7, transactions are processed quickly since many payment details are already filled out. Once the payment is confirmed the funds are immediately transferred.
  • No bank account details need be provided to the payment provider in order to use the service.
  • Using this payment method is an excellent way of keeping track of your spending since payments are recorded instantly on your bank account statement.
  • iDEAL itself does not charge a fee to use their service though a casino may, however this is unlikely.

How iDEAL Deposits Work

When making a deposit to your online casino you will simply need to select the iDEAL logo payment option. You’ll find a pop-up window instructing you to select your bank. After making a selection, you will then be redirected to your own online bank where you will need to login. Follow your banks normal payment procedures to make a payment to the casino. After confirming the payment, conducted in real-time, you will be redirected back to the casino website.

Do I Need to Register?

There is no need to enrol or register for the service. Provided that you are a customer of one of the listed online banks above, you will be able to directly use iDEAL to make a deposit to a participating online casino. The funds are taken from your bank account similar to using a debit card.

Can I Withdraw Money using iDEAL?

Unfortunately, at present time it is only possible to make deposits to casinos so withdrawals will need to be effected through a different method.

iDEAL alternative options


INSTADEBiT is a payment solution that offers high security for users. In addition, to ensure the security of transactions, the platform has signed a collaboration with TRUSTe and VeriSign. Online casino players who are looking for instant payouts will be well served with INSTADEBiT. This payment method is not only fast, but it also processes withdrawals, giving players more flexibility.


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feedback FAQ about online casino iDEAL
What if any fees are applied on this deposit method?
iDEAL does not apply any of their own fees, though the participating casinos may apply their own fees. Even though this is unlikely, you should check just the same.
How long does the deposit take to appear in the player account?
Once verified by the client, the transfer is instantaneous and the funds should appear in the player’s account.
Can I make a withdrawal?
Unfortunately, at present time it is not possible to make a withdrawal via iDEAL. What you can do however is transfer funds that you have withdrawn from the casino using another method into another bank account or e-wallet.
What currencies are supported?
The only currency supported by iDEAL is euros at the present time.
Is it safe to use iDEAL?
Using iDEAL is comparable in security to using similar methods utilised by online banking and mobile bank apps.
Can I stop or cancel a payment transfer?
Once a payment has been approved it is not possible to undo it so you may need to contact the casino to request the funds back.
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  • Pros
    • Payments are conducted quickly, safely and reliably on mobile banking app or online banking.
    • No fees are applied by iDEAL.
    • You do not need to create an account or provide banking details such as an account number.
    • You can use this deposit method to upload funds into player accounts, e-wallets, bank accounts and other.
  • Cons
    • The service is only available to Dutch players in the Netherlands, through one of a select number of banks.
    • You must bank with an online institution partnered with iDEAL.
    • Funds must be denominated in euros.
    • You cannot use iDEAL payment method for withdrawing funds from a player account.
    • It is not possible to reverse a deposit transfer once it has been made.
Review summary: iDEAL

Making a deposit to a participating casino using iDEAL is a fast, safe and secure method available to Netherland players who bank with institutions partnered with the payments provider. Given the enormous popularity of iDEAL with Dutch consumers, we would expect that this payment method continues to increases in popularity which in turn should mean more casinos will offer the funds transfer as an alternative.