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Online and Mobile Roulette Games Overview

Do you like Roulette game? Discover our selection of the most popular roulette games available on online casino.Do you like Roulette game? Discover our selection of the most popular roulette games available on online casino.Although roulette is not the most popular game in online or land-based casinos today, it still remains the Queen of Casinos, as it had a great impact on the sector. When it became a classic Monte Carlo hit in Monaco during the mid-18th century, the success never dropped, and today it is still played everywhere on the planet.How to play free online roulette without registration

To win money at roulette you have to guess the correct number on which the ball will land. You can place bets by placing one or more chips on the game table, and you can place the following bets:

on a single number box (Straight up) where you bet on just one number and can get a payout of 35:1,
between two numbered fields (Split) where you bet on two numbers and can get a payout of 17:1,
on the left edge of a row of three numbered boxes (Street) where you bet on three numbers and can get a payout of 11:1,
in the centre of four numbered squares (Corner) where you bet on four numbers and can get a payout of 8:1,
on the left edge of two rows of three numbered boxes each (Six line) where you bet on six numbers and can get a payout of 5:1,
at the bottom of a column of twelve numbered boxes (Column) where you bet on twelve numbers and can get a payout of 2:1,
in the box for the first, second and third dozen (Dozen) where you bet on twelve numbers and can get a payout of 2:1,
in the box for red, black, even, odd, high or low (Simple Chance) where you bet on 18 numbers and can get a payout of 1:1.

Once you have placed your bets, all that remains is to wait until the ball comes to rest on a field of the wheel. The dealer then announces the winning number and the associated simple chances. You will then find out whether you have won or not and if you have won, your winnings will be paid out. Then a new game starts.

Now that you know the rules and bets of the game, it is the best time to play a few games in free game mode. Here you can find a selection of roulette games from different developers, such as Netent, Betsoft, Microgaming, Playtech, RTG (Real Time Gaming) and Rival.

The best sites to play online roulette for real money

Practicing with a free game is a great way of learning the game. However, if you want to experience the real thrills this game has to offer you have to play it for real money, even with smaller bets. Online casinos that offer roulette are not all the same. You can find a selection of the best casinos where you can play online roulette in 2023 on FeedBACK Casino.

What are the differences between French, English and American roulette types?

The bets and how the game is conducted is always the same in roulette. However, this does not mean that all roulette games are the same. There are different variants, and you can find information about them here.

French and European roulette

The French roulette has a cylinder with 37 numbered fields from 0 to 36 and a table where the different numbers are shown in the centre. On the right and left are the fields for the simple chances and below the betting fields for the column and dozen bets. There is also the face value identical tokens to all players who are allowed unlimited. You can also change the value of the tokens and sometimes use an unlimited number of them on the field.

English roulette

English roulette also has a cylinder with 37 numbers, although the numbers and betting fields are distributed differently on the table. The boxes to bet on simple chances and dozens are all on the left side of the felt and only the boxes to bet on the columns are placed below. There are also coloured chips assigned to each player that can be placed in limited numbers.

American roulette

This time, the cylinder contains 38 numbers. The American roulette has an additional box: the famous double zero (00). Because of this, this variant is much less interesting for the players, as the house edge is almost two times larger than in the other two versions, and it is 5.26% compared to only 2.7% for the French and English roulette variants. It is therefore strongly advised to play the first two types.

Winning at roulette by using the best strategies and methods

Now, that you know the differences of the variances and know which one to play, I will tell you a little more about the strategies on how to increase your winning chances. The first thing you need to know is that it is important to know the rules of the game and different inside and outside bets.

There are many tricks and strategies to win. One of my favourite techniques is the classic Martingale. There are also many other techniques, such as Piquemouche, the D’Alembert Pyramid, Whittacker, Paroli, etc. Another good one I like is also the Labouchère method. You can find information on the benefits and how to use these methods in our gaming school.

Online live roulette with a real dealer at a real table

A new type of roulette emerged in the first decade of the century: the online live roulette. This version of the game allows you to play under the exact same conditions as you can find in a land-based casino. You can follow the game and the actions of the dealer via a web cam and enjoy the thrills of playing at a real table. The live roulette uses flash technology and there is no need to download a software to access the tables. Although the game is very thrilling it is also much slower than playing roulette at a completely virtual table.

Roulette on a mobile phone or tablet (iOS / Android)

There are also HTML5 mobile roulette games available, which is particularly interesting for owners of iPads and iPhones or other mobile devices. These portable games can be played on many different devices, such as smart phones or tablet computers that are operated with iOS or Android software. You can play everywhere with this application (app), whether you are waiting for the bus, are with friends, at work or when you are on holiday.


Online Roulette on Facebook (social)

Social networks, such as Facebook are becoming more and more successful today, and many specific applications have been developed. There are also games where you can play free roulette.✅ Best casinos to play Roulette