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Where can I play live blackjack?
Live blackjack is now offered in many online casinos. There are only a few providers who do not yet offer access to at least one live casino game.
How do I win at live blackjack?
To win at blackjack, you have to have a better hand than the dealer without exceeding 21 points.
What variations are there with live blackjack?
There are many different variants of blackjack, which can also differ in live casinos. For example, these include Infinite Blackjack, VIP Blackjack, Black Jack Pro, Blackjack Party and Common Draw Blackjack.
What are possible strategies in blackjack?
Firstly, there is the basic strategy that recommends the best possible course of action, depending on your dealt cards and the dealer's face-up card. There are also various card counting strategies in which the cards dealt are tracked using a counting mechanism to determine if the remaining cards in the card shoe are to the benefit of the player.
Can I play live blackjack on mobile?
Yes, it is possible to play Blackjack on mobile or tablet computer, using an Android, Windows or iOS device. You should always ensure a fast and stable internet connection, so you avoid interruptions to the game that could prove costly.