Yggdrasil revolutionize games

Evolution of live table games by Yggdrasil Gaming

By Sophie Couard

Yggdrasil launches an ambitious series of virtual live table games.

So far, the developer Yggdrasil Gaming has focused only on online slot games and released some great slots, such as Orient Express, Lucha Maniacs and Easter Island. Now the company is expanding its offering and is working on a series of table games that should be particularly attractive and entertaining.

Live games with random number generators

Yggdrasil Gaming is determined to establish itself in the field of table games over the long term. Yggdrasil's REDUX games could very well help them to achieve that while providing a new gaming experience that revolutionizes online table games. The company is ambitious and wants to combine the best aspects of live games with real dealers with those of an RNG casino and immerse players in a virtual casino world.

3D graphics and motion detection

The games of the REDUX series use excellent 3-D graphics, which were developed with motion detection. The movements of the dealers were recorded and are implemented by the virtual dealer, making the game even more realistic. Additional animations also provide for even more entertainment.

sonya blackjack multiplayers

These games are a mix of live tables and online games with 3-D graphics that can be personalized and played with multiple players.

Shared games and customizable layout

Another benefit of the REDUX games is from the perspective of the social sphere, as several players can sit at one table at the same time. It is thus possible to communicate with others and observe them. For example you can see how much they bet and what they win. The operators can also customize the games, for example, with their own dealer and casino areas, or they can provide the game with their own logos.

Currently the only game available is Sonya Blackjack, which has just been officially presented. But we already know that roulette and baccarat will also be completed and published during the year. In the meantime you can watch the trailer here and look forward to the games.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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