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More than 50,000 banned casinos in Switzerland

By Sophie Couard

In 2016, the list of banned casino bans increased by an additional 3,800 people.

In Switzerland, we particularly like gambling! And many players unfortunately fall into addiction. This is in any case what the statistics of the Federal Gaming Houses Commission (FGMC) for the period up to the end of last year seem to indicate. Let us take stock of these figures, which may seem rather worrying.

More than 50,000 casino bans

In 2016, the continuously growing list of undesirables includes an additional 3,800 people. In total, this brings the total number of banned players in the 21 Swiss casinos to 50,262. In a country with almost 8.5 million inhabitants, this is a high figure that corresponds more or less to the population of the city of Biel.

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Data banks not sufficiently updated

This increase appears to be mainly due to a lack of updating of the databases.

The list of banned casinos in Switzerland is growing all the time. In 2016 alone, no fewer than 3,800 additional names were registered. That's an increase that may seem worrisome. Nevertheless, a CFMJ spokesperson wants to be reassuring. Indeed, this high level would be the consequence of the low number of cancellations of prohibitions and a lack of updating of the data banks following notably the death of people for example.

Thus, despite an increase in casino bans that may seem worrying, gambling addiction in Switzerland is not of undue concern to the Swiss authorities.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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