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Swiss gambling law has been updated

By Sophie Couard

The law allows Swiss casinos to go online, to strengthen the fight against gambling addiction and to generate income for the common good.

A vote on gambling in Switzerland will take place on the 10th of June. The law essentially includes measures against the risks associated with gambling and provides income for charitable purposes. In addition, land-based casinos will also allow them to offer their services online, blocking foreign websites. This point is criticized by opponents of the law because it is an attack on competitive freedom.

Need for monitoring

Swiss Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga argues that unlawful offers in Switzerland do not contribute to the common good, thereby defending the law against its opponents. In addition, providers are often not obliged to offer addiction prevention or prevent money laundering or fraud. Switzerland is not the only country that wants to block foreign suppliers as 17 European countries have already decided to go this route.

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The fight against excessive gambling

Simonetta Sommaruga also highlights the strength of her bill by strengthening the fight against gambling addiction. Registered gambling addicts in Switzerland are not able to visit a casino because the Swiss casinos have to deny them access. This is one of the reasons mentioned above for blocking foreign providers, as only operators who respect this measure may be accessible to players from Switzerland, so that this measure continues to function.

Income for the common good

On June 10th, the bill on gambling in Switzerland will be voted on.

The bill also provides for strengthening the fight against money laundering and requires operators to spend part of their profits on the common good. It is expected that about one billion Swiss francs will be donated each year to the Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance and to various non-profit organizations.

The new gambling law of Switzerland follows clear lines, but it will take some time before it can be implemented. The vote is scheduled for 10th June 2018.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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