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Regulator asks cartoon gambling advertising to be removed

By Sophie Couard

The UK Gambling Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority recently signed a letter to online gambling operators ordering them to remove advertising with games that may appeal to children. These games often have cartoon characters, a playful theme and a name that reminds of a children's book. Although these games are very popular with adults, they can be very appealing to children and may introduce them to online gambling.

The problem with these types of games and their advertising is that they are appealing to children, and the games are often available to be played for free. It is thought that around 450,000 children in England and Wales regularly gamble for money. The regulator wants advertising to be more restrictive, and not appealing to under 18-year-olds.

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The letter was sent to over 450 online gambling operators, and it asked them to amend or remove ads containing media that may be appealing to underage people from their own websites and third party media.

Advertising for gambling is regulated in the UK, and companies who fail to comply with the regulations of the Committee of Advertising Practice can be sanctioned. Advertising for gambling activities has to be socially responsible, and operators have to follow regulations to ensure that minors don't play the games and are protected from inappropriate gambling advertisements.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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