Netent jackpots

Netent made two new millionaires with progressive jackpot

By Sophie Couard

Netent is one of the most popular and famous developers, and one of the reasons is not only the fantastic selection of games, it is also the huge progressive jackpots. These were again won this weekend, and they turned two players into multi-millionaires for one second to another.

€1.8 million at Arabian Nights

Last weekend, a player was enjoying the Arabian Nights slot when he suddenly hit the progressive jackpot worth €1,795,855. This amount is slightly higher than the average from this game, which is around €1.6 million, but it is still much less than the record, which currently stands at €8.6 million.

arabian nights

€5.5 at Mega Fortune Dreams

On Sunday, 2 June 2017, around 3 pm, another jackpot turned a player into a millionaire. This time it was the progressive jackpot of Mega Fortune Dreams that paid the lucky player a new record win of €5,505,845, which is half a million more than the previous jackpot from March 2015.


Personally, I love these types of news! It is always nice to hear when players get lucky at the progressive slot machines, and it also proves that there is indeed a chance to win!

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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