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She becomes a millionaire during her holidays in Vegas

By Sophie Couard

Sylvia Tejeda managed to become a millionaire during her vacation in Las Vegas.

Sometimes all it takes is not much to get rich. Take Sylvia Tejeda, for example. That Texas woman just went on vacation... to Las Vegas! There, she played at the Casino Paris where she managed to become a millionaire. This is a news story that must make more than one person dream about it. Well, well, you know what? We're just going to talk about it together right now.

A story that makes you want

This is not newsworthy news as our resident of San Antonio won her prize on October 28th. But it's not because we missed out on this great news at the time that we shouldn't be talking about it today, because it's the kind of story that reminds us why we love playing at the casino.

sylvia tejeda paris las vegas jackpot

On a $1 slot

She won a progressive jackpot worth over $1.2 million in Paris Las Vegas.

Sylvia Tejeda simply wanted to change her mind a little bit. To do so, she decides to take a little vacation in Las Vegas. Between shows, restaurants and tourism, she also takes the time to play at some of the most famous venues in the Strip and Downtown. On October 28th, she threw her devotion on the famous Wheel of Fortune slot machine in Paris Las Vegas.

And then, via a simple bet of $1, she becomes a millionaire from one second to the next by winning a jackpot of $1,268,990.50.

Another millionaire the month before

Before her, the last millionaire of Las Vegas casinos was the month before that: September 2017. He too had become rich on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine but at Caesars Palace for his part.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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