Robbery at Chaudfontaine

Chaudfontaine Casino has been robbed

By Sophie Couard

The casino in Chaudfontaine was the victim of an armed robbery.

With all the money they make every day, land casinos remain attractive targets for criminals all around the world. A Belgian establishment has just received confirmation of this. Indeed, on Tuesday, November 14,2017, Chaudfontaine Casino was robbed. Let's take stock of this sad case together right now.

An armed robbery in the evening

It all happened around 10:00. Two or three masked individuals, according to the various testimonies, entered the casino of Chaudfontaine with two long weapons. They threatened the employee in charge of the cash register to steal the money. Fortunately, no gunshot was fired. So there are no casualties to be regretted.

casino chaudfontaine

A staff still in shock

At 10pm, two or three armed and masked individuals stole the money in the cash register.

During this very rapid robbery, customers took refuge at the back of the game room. The staff around the cash register are still in shock. The Secova zone police arrived first on the scene to collect the various testimonies. Then, forensics inspected the Chaudfontaine casino from top to bottom.


No additional information has yet been filtered out. The investigation is still ongoing.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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