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Reputation of Trump tainted by an old case surrounding a casino in Australia

By Sophie Couard

A confusing story is currently resurfacing on the Internet, and it tarnishes the already low reputation of businessman and US-president Donald Trump even more. The story goes back to the 1980s, and it concerns plans for building and operating a casino, which did not go through.

A sale that was rejected by local authorities

A few confidential documents were recently discovered and made public. They concern an old case, dating back to 1987. At this time, Donald Trump was interested in operating a casino located near Sydney, in the town Darling Harbor.

The businessman made an offer to the local authorities to buy the establishment, but the sale was rejected by the authorities. At this time, very little detail about the reasons behind the rejection were made public, and only recently, confidential documents about the transaction were discovered by Australian journalists, as the 30-year-rule for cabinet papers classification had lapsed.

casino darling harbour

Reasons for rejection

The purchase of the casino did not go through, and there were two reasons involved, that do not honour Donald Trump. The first reason to reject this proposal was that his qualities as a businessman were questioned, as the town feared that the casino would follow the same fate as the establishment in Atlantic City, whose performance was so bad, that the independent contractor, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce found the plans were “not financially viable”, and revenues of the casino were overstated.

The second reason is even more interesting, as it revealed a suspicion of possible links to the mafia.

A tarnished portrait of a businessman

If we take this older case, and add it to the track record of the casino career of Trump Casinos in Atlantic City, it must be said that Donald Trump's reputation as a businessman is not necessarily one that sticks out.

Although many scandals have followed him since the beginning of his mandate, these new revelations tarnish his image even more, as one seems to be more catastrophic than the other.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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