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The progressive jackpot Joker Millions progressive jackpot offers 3.5 million euros to a player

By Sophie Couard

One player managed to win the progressive jackpot Joker Millions.

Last Thursday, a new player managed to become multi-millionaire by having fun on a slot machine. Via a simple bet on video slot Joker Millions developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, our lucky winner managed to bring down a beautiful progressivejackpot on which we will do all the light together immediately.

A gain of nearly 3.5 million euros

On Thursday, October 26,2017, our famous player became rich. This lambda internet user was simply having a good time on the slot machine Joker Millions signed Yggdrasil Gaming. He didn't know it yet, but this small and entertaining break in his daily life was going to make his fortune. In fact, from one moment to the next, it has become multi-millionaire thanks to it by succeeding in getting a progressive jackpot worth 3.475.894€.

Progressive jackpot Joker Millions

This enabled him to pocket nearly 3.5 million euros.

Record high of 5.2 million euros

Since its creation, it is the 19th time that this prize pool has been won. At first, it offered only a few hundred thousand euros. But, with its success, the gains have gradually increased to over a million today. Its record reached 5.2 million euros.

After last Thursday's great win, the progressive jackpot Joker Million has been reset to €500,000. He doesn't wait anymore for a new player to take him down again.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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