Wins 7,2k into the slots

He plays with x24 multiplier and win $7,200

By Sophie Couard

Slot machines give people the chance to get rich from one second to another, for example with winning a progressive jackpot in a single spin. But even if you don't win a progressive jackpot you can scoop up some decent amounts in these games. For example, there was a player who has just won $7,200 with the help of a x24 multiplier.

Even small wins play an important role

In many other posts we have talked about players who won a fortune at slot machines when they won a progressive jackpot. An important one was a player won $88,860 on his first spin, two progressive jackpots a few weeks ago and a mobile player who won the progressive jackpot Mega Moolah worth over €8 million. The jackpot in these games are regularly won, but it is still a rare occurrence to win a large progressive jackpot. Many players win smaller amounts, and of course, the games pay out a lot more frequently.

Paying for the next vacation

The player that we are talking about in this article has managed to win $7,200 at the Minotaurus slot machine. This incredible amount was achieved with the multiplier special feature that increased all the way up to x24. This generous win is now paying for the next vacation of the player.

Minotaurus Slot

After 24 losing spins

The Minotaurus slot is an interesting game, because even a spin without any winnings can have an advantage. Each time you get the symbol showing the Minotaur the win multiplier will increase by +1. The player only managed to get such a high multiplier because he had 24 losing spins in a row, and each time a Minotaur appeared on the screen. This high multiplier then rewarded his patience with the winning amount of $7,200.


This win shows that you can win big sums of money in any slot, not only at progressive jackpot slots. Depending on the game and its special features you can win some very interesting amounts of money.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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