€42k wining on one bet in roulette

Jake Cody wins €42,000 in poker and bets his reward on Roulette Spin

By Sophie Couard

After winning a poker tournament, professional poker player Jake Cody wagered his entire win on a Roulette spin.

Last month, professional poker player Jake Cody won a tournament in the UK. Instead of being satisfied with the win and going home with the money, he decided to use all the prize money on Roulette. He put everything on black ... and won the bet!

Make your bets

Professional poker player Jake Cody seemed to want to test his luck that day. It was not enough for him to win the High Roller at the UK Poker Championships 2018. He then tried his luck at roulette and went all out. He visited a roulette table and put his entire win of €48,310 on black.

jake cody roulette

No more bets

When he won his bet, he went home with over €85,000.

It was a very risky decision on behalf of the player, but he was lucky. A few seconds after his friend Rob Young (owner of the casino) threw the ball into the roulette wheel, it settled on black 22. Jake Cody won his bet and ended his day with a profit of over €85,000.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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