Player lose money on the parking

He won the jackpot and then got robbed

By Sophie Couard

One player won a $10,000 jackpot and was then ambushed in the parking lot of the casino.

Getting a big win in a casino is always great and above all an intoxicating experience. But it would seem that you should never count your chickens before they're hatched, because you never know what can happen before the money actually reaches your bank account. For example, the casino may refuse to pay the winnings and claim that there has been a malfunctioning of the machine, which is just what happened in the case of Katrina Bookman. Another possibility is that the winnings are stolen, as was the case of an American player.

A $10,000 jackpot

In March, this unfortunate player visited the Montego Bay Casino in West Wendover, Nevada, where he played at the slot machines. He even won a hefty $10,000 jackpot, but when he left the casino shortly after midnight he was robbed of his win.

Tad marshall

Parts of the profit found in a motel in Utah

Fortunately, the police managed to get most of the money back.

Fortunately for him, the police managed to find most of the money in a bag. 33-year-old Tad Marshall is the suspect who robbed the player and stole the prize. He was then arrested at a motel in Wendover, Utah. The money had later been found in his car in the motel parking lot.

Now the alleged perpetrator is being held in Tooele County Prison for theft and drug possession.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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