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She didn't receive her jackpot because an employee made a mistake

By Sophie Couard

Cynthia Obie did not receive her jackpot because the casino had made a mistake in recording her social security number.

A player who won a progressive jackpot in a land-based casino was denied their money. This happens more often than you can imagine, as the stories of Katrina Bookmane or Ryan Sherry prove. Today we take a moment to report the story of Cynthia Obie, who recently experienced something similar.

An error in the social security number

The Maryland player played at Oxon Hill MGM Casino on Friday, January 4th, when she suddenly managed to collect a winning combination that would pay her a big jackpot worth several thousand dollars. To her misfortune, however, the employees of the casino had recorded her personal data incorrectly and misread her social security number. This mistake cost the player her jackpot.

A $200 voucher and some free drinks

The social security number noted by the employees of the casino belonged to a debtor. When Cynthia Obie learned that she would not be receiving her jackpot for unpaid child support payments, she realized there was a mistake. However, under the rules and state laws of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, a jackpot cannot be paid multiple times. In return, the player was given only a $200 voucher and a few free drinks vouchers issued by the casino as compensation.

Cynthia Obie

A solution to this regrettable situation

Fortunately, she should be able to reclaim her money when she submits the proper papers to the Maryland regulator.

However, not all was lost, the player can try to get her money if she can present the proper papers to the Maryland regulator. However, the situation is very frustrating for Cynthia Obie, because the process can take a lot of time and she will not get the money any faster.

This situation shows that it is very important to always provide correct information in the casinos or to verify that they are correct. This applies to both land-based and online casinos such as Leo Vegas, SlotsMillion or PlayFrank.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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