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Partouche got a new original campaign in voxel

By Sophie Couard

As Friday 13th approaches, the Partouche group is launching an original promotional campaign on Instagram.

The Partouche group has established itself as one of the leading casinotiers on the French market. To maintain its position, it is constantly seeking to attract new customers. As he approaches Friday 13th, he is launching a great game on Instagram to rejuvenate his audience. Let's take stock together of this interesting initiative right now.

9 images in voxel

Everything started on September 28th, on the account Instagram of Partouche. The casinotier simply published 9 voxel images, each one representing a part of a casino, accompanied by some text. This is how to start the original promotional campaign that interests us through this post.

Casino Partouche Voxel

Emblematic places of the brand

9 voxel images representing a part of a casino are proposed with a puzzle to solve for each one.

These famous images all refer to a mythical place of the Partouche brand, whether it's the Megapot, VR, Bingo, Players Plus or Blackjack rooms in particular. Each of them has been modelled in voxel and offers us a puzzle to solve. To try your luck, simply click on one of the images. We then end up on an Instagram page dedicated to the place in question on which we have to take up a challenge by liking or commenting on the images where the hidden objects to be found are located.

Lots of gifts to win

The prize money is worth up to €1,500.

This small game can allow us to pocket up to 1.500€ of endowments. There are stays for 2 people in group hotels, cocktails or meals in Partouche casino restaurants, but also game credits to win.


This fun promotional campaign proves that the casinotier does seem to be determined to attract a new younger clientele and to do so, Partouche is focused on innovation and technology.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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