The opening of the Dutch online gambling market

Opening of the Dutch online gambling market catches the eye of operators

By Sophie Couard
The Dutch regulator is seeing a higher than anticipated number of gambling licence applications.

When the Dutch Senate voted back on February 19, 2019, to liberalise the online gambling market, they could not have expected just how much interest there would be from operators. The reason for this is that, at the time, it was estimated that 50 operators would be applying for a licence. In actuality, as reported by the Dutch regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the number applying for a licence turned out to be 183 operators. We've got some more information to share with you next.

183 licence applications so far

No one could have predicted the amount of demand for online gambling licences in the Netherlands. According to statistics, on Monday, June 17th, the regulator had received 79 applications. On June 20, this number had ballooned to 125 applications followed by a cumulative 183 applications the next day. Looking at the composition of applications, 83 already are already licensed in other countries, 89 are foreign and 74 are already offering land-based gambling. It is fair to say 183 applications have far surpassed the projected 50 applications.

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The legislation is not expected to become fully legalised until January 1st, 2021.

Stringent requirements

While there may be 183 licence applications, the number of operators that will successfully acquire a license will be less as not all will be able to meet the stringent requirements required by law. That's because the applicants will be tested for integrity, reliability, financial capacity as well as other conditions such as safeguards to protect against problem gambling. Even though the regulator is accepting applications, the law has yet to be passed and so it is estimated by experts that we won't see a liberal market until January 1, 2021.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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