Minotaurus slot awards

He got 1,160x on Minotaurus slot

By Sophie Couard

Winning a progressive jackpot is not the only option to win a lot of money at the casino. You can also win a lot with the normal game mechanics of the slot machines. This is something that a particular player experienced for himself when he played the Minotaurus video slot from the developer Endorphina.

A huge multiplier of 1,160x

Yes, you read correctly! The player managed to get a huge multiplier of 1,160x in the slot! He was playing the Minotaurus slot at the online casino Playamo. The slot has previously awarded another player a win of $7,200, and the game mechanics allow the multiplier to grow with several spins without winnings and the symbol that shows the minotaur.

Minotaurus Slot

A win of €3,400

The player in question was playing with the Russian Ruble currency with bets of less than €0,30 per spin. Even with this low bet size he was able to win almost €3,400 with the extremely high multiplier that went up to 1,160x.


This story is a fantastic news that shows that not only a progressive slot machine can pay out a lot. Some games offer fantastic special features that can allow you to win a lot of money, even with small bets.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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