Many online casinos illegaly use Macao casinos names to attract people

By Sophie Couard

The authorities in Macau believe that casino websites using the names of local casinos are seriously damaging their image.

Macau has long since overtaken Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many online casinos are using the names of local casinos to attract as many players as possible. Now the authorities want to put an end to this practice and have asked ISPs to work with them.

Damaging the image of Macau

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, Security Minister Wong Sio Chak held a press conference announcing that several online casinos are appropriating the names of the prestigious casinos in Macau, severely damaging Macau's image as an international travel destination.

Wong Sio Chak

237 websites affected

The local police have asked international internet service providers to block 237 websites.

The local police are now asking international ISPs to block 237 websites claiming to be either part of a Macau casino or under the jurisdiction of the local regulator.

Regardless of the situation, you can still play in a real online casino, such as the Tropezia Palace or DublinBet casinos, which have no association with the casinos in Macau.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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