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Las Vegas hit by plague of locusts

By Sophie Couard
Las Vegas has been hit by a plague of locusts.

In case you haven't heard, Las Vegas is not only a place where dreams can come true. That's because since Friday, July 26, Sin City has been invaded by millions of pesky locusts. Storm clouds of locusts landed on lamp posts and street pavements. It has become a source of concern to locals who have taken to posting videos on social media. We'll take a look at this story next.

Biblical allusion

It is not without a sense of irony that Las Vegas, known as Sin City, should now be plagued by locusts. It would seem like something out of the Old Testament. Not only has it been a major inconvenience on locals, but is has acted as a nuisance on visitors to the city.

Cricket swarm in Las Vegas

The infestation is the result of higher than normal rainfall throughout the winter and spring months leading to an increase in vegetation.

Higher than usual rainfall

While the plague of locusts may seem biblical, the explanation is far more logical. Winter and spring in the state of Nevada saw a higher than usual amount of rain which has given rise to greater numbers of critters. This is because the increase in rain has meant a greater abundance of vegetation. It is likely that the lights of the big city have acted as a sort of magnet for locusts on their migration route.

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By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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