$935.176 Jackpot at Aliante Casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Jackpot win of $935,176 on IGT Wheel of Fortune

By Sophie Couard
A player from Nevada decided to hit the Aliante Casino in Nevada after coming out of the cinema.

We often speak about Las Vegas jackpot wins at casinos in Las Vegas, but usually the player deliberately visits the casino to try their luck on games. Today, the story is a little different, as the player just intended to go to the movies. The 21st of September 2019 marks probably the luckiest day for a player named Clint from Nevada.

Aliante Casino

The lucky winner had just finished watching a movie at the cinema when he then decided to visit the Aliante Casino in Las Vegas. We guess he wasn't ready to go home quite yet. It seems that this was a good move on his part as he would unlock a Las Vegas jackpot!

Las Vegas Jackpot in Aliante Casino

He decided to play the 25-cent IGT Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine where he won $935,176 on a $1.25 wager.

IGT Wheel of Fortune

He decided that he would hit the 25 cent slot machine Wheel of Fortune where he would wager $1.25 per round. It didn't take long for him to transform that money into $935,176. Unexpected wins like these are the stories that we love telling readers about.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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