Largest European casino

Cyprus opens Europe's largest casino

By Sophie Couard

Monday, the 26th of June 2017 was a milestone for European gambling fans. This was the day when the Republic of Cyprus signed an agreement with the consortium of the American Hard Rock and the Asian Melco International from Macao to build and operate a casino. This new casino will become the largest land-based casino in Europe!

The first casino in the south of the island

Last month, we have already mentioned that the Republic of Cyprus will have its first casino. At that time, the consortium of the Hard Rock and Melco International had just been licensed for 30 years operation. Today, we know a little more about the future establishment.

A few figures

The budget for the complex amounts to around 600 million euros, and with a size of 6.000 m², it will become the largest casino in Europe. The casino will feature 136 gaming tables and 1,200 slot machines, and the complex will also include a 500-room hotel. It is planned to be opened in 2018 in the coastal town Limassol.

Map of chypre

An economic boost is expected

The construction of this establishment is part of a strategy of the government to revive the economy of the island. The complex should allow for the creation of 4,000 jobs and generate over 100 million euros for the country every year. Four smaller casinos are also planned to be opened in other cities.

Multiple casinos in the north

The island has been divided into two parts since 1974, following a military invasion. There are multiple casinos located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognized only by Ankara. The future establishment in the south of the island will be the first one, as many attempts to legalise casinos had failed, because of the opposition of the Orthodox Church, who has a lot of influence into government legislations.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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