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Casino addiction is rising in Japan while no local casino has opened yet

By Sophie Couard

A recent study shows that 3.6% of Japanese people suffer from gambling addiction.

Last December, the Japanese parliament voted to legalize land-based casinos. A recent study shows that 3.6% of the island's inhabitants are victims of gambling addiction. This is a very high figure, even though no complex has yet opened its doors. Let's take stock together of this disturbing news.

A market that attracts a lot

After numerous postponements, the law on the legalization of land-based casinos in Japan was finally passed by parliament last December, which was very well received by many magnates in the sector, such as Lawrence Ho, who took a keen interest in Osaka to build a complex there.

Japan flag

Addiction is much higher in Japan than in the other countries studied, even though gambling is generally prohibited and no casino is yet open.

A much higher than average rate

While this famous law should encourage tourism in the country, some are concerned about the risks of addiction. Indeed, a recent study shows that 3.6% of Japanese people suffer from compulsive gambling. This is a particularly high rate, since in the other countries studied it is between 0.2 and 2.4%.

Gambling games are still quite difficult to access

The situation is all the more worrying since gambling is generally forbidden in the archipelago, with the exception of some horse betting and pachinko, which have been established for years as real institutions whose Japanese people are fond of.


How will the population react to the opening of casinos? Will the government still liberalize online gambling in 2022 as planned? Here are some pertinent questions that will be interesting to discover the answers to in the coming years.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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