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Jackpot winner got robbed after taking home two slot jackpots

By Sophie Couard
A player from Milwaukee won two jackpots at slots within two days, totalling $25.000.

Every players dreams of taking home a huge jackpot win. This dream came true for Sean Barry, when he won over one million dollars at Three Card Poker in the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas. However, imagine you're winning big, and then you're being robbed! This is what just happened to Christopher Czarnecki from Milwaukee.

Slot jackpots worth $25.000

Christopher Czarnecki was playing at the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino on the 3rd of June. He had a lucky streak and won $12.000. He decided to play again just a few days later and again, luck was on his side when he won another $13.000.

Christopher Czarnecki is interviewed by television.

He was robbed by masked and armed men at his house, who forced him to open his safe and escaped with his winnings.

Is a safe really safe?

After those wins Czarnecki went on and bought a used car and a safe for the rest of his winnings. He didn't tell many people of his win, but somehow news must have travelled to the wrong ears. Just a few days later, his housemate and he were robbed by masked and armed men in their apartment. Czarnecki's mother and girlfriend were present as well. Everyone got tied up with cable ties and Czarnecki was forced to open the safe. The robbers managed to escape with all his winnings.

This unfortunate story shows that winning at the casino can attract unwanted attention. Most land-based casinos also offer players the option to receive cheques for their winnings and not cash, so that they can deposit their winnings straight away. This is something that can't happen when playing at an online casino, like for example SlotsMillion, Dunder Casino, or PlayFrank, as they always transfer funds to bank accounts or e-wallets. And it also shows that it's not always advisable to tell too many people when you've scored a big win.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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