Robbed to play poker

A bank robbed by a poker player

By Sophie Couard

Some people would do anything to satisfy their passion for gambling... and when I say everything: that's really all, as the news of today proves to us. The latter takes us to the American state of Oklahoma where, between two visits to the poker tables of two different land-based casinos, a man went to rob a bank so that he could continue playing.

Riverwind Casino

The hero of this unfortunate story is Frankie Paul Gabaldon. He was playing poker at Riverwind Casino on August 14th when he ran out of money. Instead of going to the nearest ATM, as anyone would have done, he went to a nearby bank to commit a robbery.

A few minutes later, he came out of the establishment with about 3,000 dollars in his pocket.

newcastle casino

A guy named Frankie Paul Gabaldon robbed $3,000 in an Oklahoma bank between two poker sessions.

In Newcastle Casino

While his car breaks down on the highway, he hitchhikes to Newcastle Casino, only a few kilometres after the scene of his mischief. Once in the complex, he goes to the game room to play poker.

This is where he was apprehended by the police with only $1,400 in his possession.

Similar facts

As amazing as it may seem, this kind of case is not particularly exceptional. In fact, in January of last year, a similar story had already occurred.

A West Virginia man playing blackjack had left his seat to rob a bank.

With $5,000 in his pocket, he came back to finish his game session on the same table!

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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