Hard Rock casino Ottawa

Hard Rock Casino is now legal in Ottawa

By Sophie Couard

Ottawa authorities have just approved the construction of an international casino at Rideau-Carleton Racetrack.

A new Hard Rock Casino will soon be built in Canada. The Rural and Rural Authorities have just approved the necessary changes needed to build a casino at the Rideau-Carleton Racetrack in the city of Ottawa.

Resistance from the inhabitants of the district

The decision of the authorities was not made without thorough preparatory work. Despite this, many inhabitants of the district were against the construction, because they feared disturbances to the peace by the complex, especially due to the increased traffic and noise pollution. The Hard Rock Group has announced that it will finance all necessary improvements to the road network so that it does not overburden it and so that residents are not disturbed by increasing noise pollution.

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The complex will combine a 2,500-seat theatre, several restaurants, a 9-story hotel and a large casino.

A big project

The project is a huge one for the city. The future Hard Rock Casino Ottawa will host a 2,500-seat theatre, several restaurants, a 9-story hotel and a large casino. The construction work will also require the labour of about 3,500 people. When the complex is completed, it will provide 900 permanent jobs, 400 of them for the casino alone.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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