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Google Play starts mobile gambling in August

By Sophie Couard

Today, we have some great news for people who love to play games anywhere they like, and people who love gambling. Internet giant Google has just reviewed their policy regarding money gaming applications. They recently announced that mobile casino gaming applications will soon be available on Google Play.

A revolution

This policy change was very surprising. Google has always been very inflexible on the subject, and they never wanted to accept this type of content on their mobile portal. However, this will soon change and probably make many players happy. Google Play will allow gambling-related applications from August. This will make the lives of many players easier, as the casinos can develop apps and the players will no longer have to go through the official website of the casino in order to play the games or download unofficial apps.

Google Play

A boost for the industry

The Android operating system has become the most popular in the world on mobile devices, and is far ahead of Apple iOS. Many users can then download gaming applications accessible directly through Google Play, which should make the market more dynamic.

Only a few countries initially

Unfortunately, this small revolution is not going to affect the whole world immediately. There will be only three countries initially that are affected by the change: Great Britain, Ireland and France. However, a more of the other European countries should follow in the future.

Players from the chosen countries can download mobile applications from licensed poker rooms or online sports betting websites, such as Pokerstars or Winamax. Operators will have to be vetted by Google before they can present their application on Google Play.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

I am a great fan of gambling, I became a croupier to finance my studies. After my high school diploma in economic and social sciences , I obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and then a master in philosophy with a thesis on player behavior. After working in an online casino customer support, I became a writer on FeedBACK Casino.