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Ladbrokes Coral penalized with GBP 2.5 million fine

By Sophie Couard

The UK Gambling Commission sanctions the Ladbrokes Coral Group.

Regulatory authorities are there to ensure the safety of users of online gambling sites. And the UK Gambling Commission is paying particular attention to its duties. After 888 Holdings in September and the miners' operators in October, it is now Ladbrokes Coral's turn to deal with this very serious organization. Let's take stock of this case together right now.

Money from misdemeanors

The actions of two users of the Ladbrokes virtual room are the problem. The first bet was 837,545 pounds in 14 months and the second bet was 43,765 pounds in 11 months. Given the profile of these players, which is reminiscent of addiction, the site should have intervened quickly to protect them. Worse, after investigation, it was discovered that all this money came from crimes that led the two members to be sentenced to 4 and 4.5 years in prison respectively.

uk gambling commission

The virtual room Ladbrokes was fined £2.5 million.

A particularly heavy fine

The UK Gambling Commission was quick to react, as the virtual room should not have allowed such action by its users. The Ladbrokes Coral Group was therefore fined GBP 2,5 million.

This is the kind of news that proves the importance of regulatory authorities.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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