Robberies at land based

€22,000 stolen from Sanremo casino

By Sophie Couard

A criminal gang of four stole €22,000 from Sanremo Casino.

Lately, we've been hearing more about robberies on land-based casinos, such as in Las Vegas recently and a theft of chips in Macau. This kind of illegal practice seems to be increasing lately, as is evident in our latest articles. Recently, a man tried to recover his lost money from a slot machine by trying to open it with an axe, a hammer, and a screwdriver, and today it is now a gang that has stolen coins directly from a slot machine.

New method of theft

Though less dramatic than armed robberies, which steal money from the casinos there does seem to be a trend to steal the coins directly from slot machines. The case that has now become known happened in Italy and is a new way of getting money out of slot machines illegally.

Sanremo Casino

A gang of four, consisting of three men and one woman, probably from South America, went to Sanremo Casino on the night of February 10th to February 11th to steal money.

The perpetrators opened a slot machine and stole the money contained inside.

Stolen coins from a slot machine

The gang's plan was simple: secure a slot machine from prying eyes, while one of the criminals tries to open it with a master key and steal the coins within.

With this simple trick they managed to steal €22,000.

The casino's management handed over the video surveillance tapes to investigators responsible for the case. It has not been ruled out that this same group had already carried out similar thefts in other Italian casinos.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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