Crow group accusation

Money laundering at Crown Group

By Sophie Couard

The Crown Group has just been accused through the video testimonials of three former employees.

An Australian casinotier of international standing, the Crown Group is currently accused of tampering with its slot machines and manipulating transactions in such a way as not to arouse the attention of the anti-money laundering regulator. Let's take stock of this sad affair that could tarnish the image of this gambling giant.

A modification of slot machines

It was the video testimonies of three former Crown employees who set fire to the dust. They all accuse the Australian group of cheating at the Melbourne Casino. They mention in particular a change to slot machines to allow automatic continuous play, which is prohibited by law in the country.

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The casinotier would have modified slot machines and facilitated money laundering thanks to the silence of the regulatory commission.

Practices facilitating money laundering

Worse still, the casinotier is also accused of using the identity papers of different players when dealing with transactions over A$10,000 so as not to be obliged to notify the authorities. If all of this turns out to be true, then the group would have been guilty of facilitating money laundering.

With the regulator's complicity

And that's not all: the three former employees also accuse Victoria's Gambling and Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Commission of turning a blind eye to all its malpractice. A comprehensive investigation has just been launched on this subject within the organization.


Of course, the casinotier is denying all his accusations at the moment. This did not prevent Crown's share from losing more than 7%. What are the consequences of this whole affair? Only the future will tell us...

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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