Cheater steals

She steals her boss' credit card to make her husband play at the casino

By Sophie Couard

A woman stole her employer's bank card so her husband could play in the casino.

Many criminals are interested in the money from the casinos. Some try to cheat the casinos directly, as was the case recently at the Sun Casino Monte Carlo where one player played with counterfeit bills, others try to steal from the casinos indirectly, and others play with stolen money. Our next story from Mauritius is one such example.

A stolen credit card

On Tuesday, April 17th, Marie Louise Natasian, 39, and her husband, Hans Pierre Gérard, 37, were arrested by the Curepipe Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in Mauritius. The woman is accused of stealing the bank card of her 74-year-old employer and giving it to her husband, who proceeded to play with stolen money at the casino. Overall, the couple stole nearly 1.5 million Mauritius rupees, equivalent to about €38,500.

Ile Maurice

The pair stole a total of almost €38,500.

The bank sounded the alarm

At the beginning of January last year, Marie Louise Natasian's employer was informed by his bank that a lot of money had been withdrawn from one of the accounts. The employer then suspected the employee who had worked in the company for four months. On February 26th, he then filed a complaint with the police. The police then meticulously investigated the case, which led to the arrest of the couple one and a half months later.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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