casino hacked with aquarium

A hacker used an aquarium thermometer to get into its IT system

By Sophie Couard

A hacker team used an aquarium thermometer to break into a casino.

In casinos robberies, perpetrators are creative and there is certainly no lack of ingenuity on their part. After a robber tried it with black make-up and the bad loser who tried to retrieve his bets on a slot machine with an axe, a hammer and a screwdriver, it is now an aquarium thermometer that allowed a hacker team to get into a casino IT system.

Big problems for IT security

Networked objects are of great interest to IT security experts. In this story today, it would appear that the problem stemmed from a lack of security leading to the situation. A hacker gang succeeded in obtaining access to unauthorized casino data with a simple connected aquarium thermometer.

aquarium casino

Through this network object the hackers got access to the database containing a list of High Rollers.

The database of high rollers

The name of the attacked casino was not published. Nonetheless, this case demonstrates the generally low level of protection afforded by objects embedded in a network in which protected data is accessible. Using a connected thermometer in the entrance hall of the casino, the team has managed to obtain the database of high rollers, the big players who spend a lot of money in the games. What new ideas or ways will criminals come up with to break into casinos? Only time will tell.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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