Gambling website blocked

Blocked gambling websites: an official decree requires the provision of information

By Sophie Couard

A decree concerning online gambling was made public in the French official journal on April 30, 2017 . It forces ISPs to redirect users to an information page from ARJEL when they attempt to visit a blocked online casino. You can find out more about the new government decree in the rest of this article.

Responding to information deficiencies

The reason behind the new measure outlined in the first paragraph is to make it more clear to the public, and to basically correct a previous lack of explanation. In 2012, Internet service providers had to follow a an order of a judge to block access to certain gambling websites that were not licensed by ARJEL. However, Internet users did not receive an explanation why they could not access the website they intended to. This lack of explanation was now remedied with the decree published on the 30th of April 2017.

ARJEL designed a page

So, what exactly can be found in the information provided by the ISP to explain the reason for blocking the website? Well, there is an explanation of legal grounds that are detailed by ARJEL, as well as additional educational information in relation to gambling addiction that raises awareness about the dangers associated with these online gambling websites.

Arjel Offices

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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